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How to Calibrate a Monitor for Photography

Hello there! In this post we will tell you how to calibrate a monitor for photography. For those who don’t know what calibration in photography is, we will tell you what calibration is. Basically calibrating a monitor for photography means that if you see a photo on the other monitor you see it brighter but when you see it on your own monitor you feel the same photo is a little dull or darker etc. This is called calibration.

But don’t worry, Get The Teck team is here to solve this problem. So let’s head toward the solution:

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Calibrating a Monitor-How to Calibrate a Monitor for Photography

Every monitor has its own calibration tools. You will find these tools on the control panel. Now find or search the color management. Click the advanced settings then Calibrate settings.

Now the new window will open which will show you some instructions. Read the instructions carefully. When you are done with the reading instructions click the Next button. Now the new windows will be opened.

The most interesting thing about the windows is that they give a brief detail of what you are doing. When the Calibration settings is opened adjust the gamma. You can adjust the gamma by sliding. Slide the gamma until the dots in the screen are almost invisible.

The next step is to adjust the brightness. Don’t set the brightness too high or too low. Adjust this according to you. Adjust until you feel a clear view on the screen.

The next step is to set the Contrast try to set the contrast as high as possible while maintaining the display of other objects on the screen.

Your calibration setting has been done. If you are satisfied then click the finish button your new setting will be saved.

For Mac there is almost the same setting and steps.

You can also use the online tools for calibration. But calibration fools are not free. For photography you need to set the calibration setting to view your photo better and also edit it better.


Here you go, Your calibration setting has been done. As I told you above, calibration plays an important role in photography. If you want to be a professional photographer then you should know about the calibration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to know that your monitor is calibrated correctly?

The easiest way is to print your image and then compare your printed image with the image present in your monitor. You will know the difference.

How often should you calibrate your monitor?

Calibration is very important. You need to calibrate your screen after 3 to 4 weeks this will improve your calibration and image quality probably.

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