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How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

Here we are going to tell you how to find best monitor for games. Gaming is the most interesting thing you can do in your spare time. Most of the gamers make their income while gaming. So nowadays gaming has a large scope.

But definitely you need a monitor for gaming. So, In this post we will tell you what to look for in the monitor while buying it for gaming. Therefore a gaming monitor can hold each and every thing easily and smoothly. So, I personally recommend you to choose a monitor that can hold powerful games for any type of work.

You should check the following things:

Let’s get into the details:

Screen Size – How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

While looking for the best monitor you first have to look the size of the screen. Normally, the screen size is around 22 inches to 24 inches. But, for the perfect view for gaming or other purposes you definitely need a larger screen. So, it should not be too large to look weird. I personally recommend you to choose a screen size of 27 to 32 inches. This screen size would be perfect for all purposes. You can do the best gaming at this screen size, it would be perfect for editing, it is perfect for multimedia things and what do you need more of.

Resolution – How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

After choosing a perfect screen size you should check the screen resolutions. Some of the monitors give you a good screen size but there are some resolution issues. Like giving you a larger screen with low resolution will give you a huge effect on the screen results. It will show you a blurry motion. 

Average resolution is 1920 x 1080. It is good for all purposes. But for the perfect experience of gaming I recommend you to choose 2560 x 1080 pixels or higher. This resolution will show you each and everything clearly and give you astonishing results.

Refresh Rate-How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

For gaming, refresh rate plays an important role. According to me, for gaming it should be as high as you can afford. Basically, a refresh rate is the rate of your display that shows how many times the display is able to draw a new image per second. So, it should be high to see a clear view of the changing picture and a smooth motion.

I personally recommend you to choose a refresh rate of 144 Hz or above 240 Hz would be perfect for high quality games like WarZone, Forza Horizon, etc.

Response Time-How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

The main role of a response time is to tell you how long it will take to turn a pixel from red to green i.e. the faster the refresh rate the responsive, smoother the image updates. The higher response time helps you to save you from a lag situation while in rush gameplay. So, you can also guess that it should be as fast as you can hold it.

Panel Type-How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

Basically there are three types of panel TN (Twisted Nematic), IPS(In-Plane Switching), VA(Vertical Alignment). All the panels are good enough.

But for gaming TN (Twisted Nematic) will be a good choice. Because it gives you a faster response time which attracts most of the gamers. Meanwhile VA and IPS panels are also good enough. But they are not as fast, clear, smooth as the TN panel.

FreeSync & G-Sync:

You should choose a monitor which is compatible with the G-Sync as well as the FreeSync. Because they both play an important role: NVIDIA G-SYNC is the new display technology that provides you the smoothest and fastest gaming experience ever. FreeSync technology developed by the AMD which is similar to G-Sync. FreeSync is an adaptive synchronization technology for LCD’s (Liquid Crystal Displays). It is used to reduce screen tearing and stuttering triggered by the monitor not being in sync with the content frame rate.

Brand-How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

If you want something good then you should choose it from the good places. So you have to choose the best brands of monitor. The brand which gives you guarantee and other things that should be given. Therefore choose wisely before buying something from the cheap brand. Instead of wasting your money on these cheap brands again and again I recommend you to spend your money on the safe side once. And choose the best brand according to your recommendations.

Ports-How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

Some new monitors do not give you a good number of ports which is not good news. They are doing this to make the monitor slim and light. But you don’t go on the looks of the monitor. Ports play an important role in gaming if you are a console player you definitely need an extra port. While buying the monitor you need to check the ports and choose the monitor that comes up with your number of port requirements.

Price-How To Find Best Monitor For Games:

Finally by choosing a monitor according to your requirement then you come to the payment time. Definitely when you want something good then you need to pay well for it. You don’t need to waste the thing because of the high price. You should wait and come up later and buy the best thing. If you choose a cheap thing then I assure you that it will not last as long as it should. So choose wisely and pay wisely while buying a monitor for games.

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