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How To Secure Windows:

Hello people, Here I am going to tell you how to keep your Windows secure from various viruses and other threats. So, if you are here to know how to secure your Windows then you will love to read this.

You should check to know that how to enhance the Windows:

Living in this time, whatever you need you search on google. And accidentally you click on some virus’s links that puts your windows into trouble. So, In this guide we will tell you the thing you should do to protect/secure your Windows.

Some major Risks that your Windows face are – How To Secure Windows:

  1. Spam and phishing
  2. Malware
  3. Information and identity theft

Spam and Phishing:

Just like you have another separate section for spam emails. Those emails have some miscellaneous links. But, sometimes we take those links in an easy way. And after clicking those links your Windows/PC gets virus’s malware. And you put your Windows into cyber threats.

Phishing is another term similar to spam. But it comes through different ads, fake messages, fake apps etc. For example; getting a fake email from your bank account to share some personal information. And after clicking on that link that virus can enter into your Windows/PC.


In simple words Malware is the greatest threat that Windows users face. Basically, malware is an intrusive software that is designed to damage Windows and other computer systems. So, beware while downloading any type of software. First check its rating and reviews then download or purchase it.

Information and identity theft:

In the present era almost everybody secures their personal information on their PC’s. But, have you ever thought what would happened if your data came into cybercriminal’s hand. These types of cases have been running from a lot of previous times and it will not stop soon.

Here in this part we will show you how to secure your Windows from the above and more other threats. You have to follows these steps:

Steps – How To Secure Windows:

  • You have to Install Anti-Malware software.

By installing the anti-malware software you can protect your Windows/PC’s from the Malware attacks. And it’s your duty to stay updated from the Anti-Malware software. This process will increase the lifespan of your PC and protect your data from wrong hands.

  • You should keep Multiple Passwords:

Hackers can easily get the password from one source and try it into another source. So, You should have a different unique password to stay away from the hackers.

  • Use VPN in an unsecure moment:

If you are connected to an unsecure or an anonymous network then I would recommend you to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) this will help you to hide your ip address and make you safe from hackers.

  • You should use Firewall:

Firewall is the most useful and important tool according to me. It acts as a protector around your PC/Windows. It stops all the anonymous incoming and outgoing sources accessing your data. And there is good news that Windows PCs have built-in firewall options. So you should use it and take advantage of it.

Conclusion – How To Secure Windows:

In the end I would simply say that cybercrime is at its peak which is very dangerous. This will cause your personal data to be stolen in an easy way. So to protect your data you should follow the above steps and make your Windows/PC comfortable and secure for yourself.

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