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How to Take Care of Your Laptop

In this guide we would like to talk about how to take care of your laptop. If you have a laptop then you should know how to take care of it. Nobody has enough money to buy a laptop again and again. So we will try our best to enable the reader to do their best too. 

Now let’s move to the steps to take care of your laptop.

Hardware Precautions:

Hardware deals almost everything inside your laptop. So you should keep it safe by placing the food items away from your laptop. Because, if water or any other liquid things falls into your laptop it may cause serious damage and cost. And the other thing is to keep it in a safe place where kids or your pet cannot touch it.

Laptop Bag:

You should have to buy a laptop bag. And when you are done using your laptop place it back into your backpack. Because a laptop case is a little hard, if suddenly a laptop falls from your hand it may damage the screen or its case. So, a soft bag will help you to protect your laptop from these damages.

Battery Precautions:

You should treat your laptop battery gently. You don’t have to connect the charger all the time. Or do not use the laptop while charging. Once the charging is complete you are free to use. It helps to maintain the battery life span. If the battery drops to 20% to 15% then you need to connect the charger and wait until it gets full or nearly full like 90% or 95%.

Using Laptop’s Conditions:

If you are going to use your laptop you need to wash your hands and then place your laptop into a clean (dust free) surface. Because, when you are using your laptop the cooling fan of a laptop starts, if you are using your laptop in a dusted place it sucks all the dust particles inside your laptop and this may cause damage to your hardware parts etc.

Cleaning Laptop:

You need to clean your laptop twice a week. Use a soft piece of cloth to clean your screen, keyboard, and speaker vents. Also use a brush gently to your ports to clean out all the dust particles. This increases the lifespan of your laptop.

Gentle To Your Laptop:

While plugging in or out the USB flash drive, headphones or speakers cables. They all have specific ports you need to see and then plug it in. If you plug a wrong cable into the wrong port it can damage the port from inside and this action may cost you.

Never Leave your Laptop Inside the Car:

Never leave your laptop inside the car. Because the car temperature is high and it can damage your laptop screen. So you definitely need a high quality bag that may stop these types of damages.

Shutting Down The Laptop:

If you are done using your laptop then you should turn it off by shutting down it. It helps the computer hardware to rest and make the temperature back to normal. You can easily notice that your laptop starts hanging after a few days of being constantly on.

Placing Heavy Objects:

Do not place heavy objects on the top of the laptop. This can bend the screen which causes a lot of disruptions just like dots on the screen etc.

Update Windows:

If you are a windows user then you should need to update your laptop windows. Because out of date programs can cause errors and slow down the laptop.

Don’t Put Extra Load:

The programs you are not using need to stop them. Because each one of them makes a load on RAM and this will cause the laptop to work slow.

Use The Latest Browsers:

If you are still using internet explorer. Then it’s time to update, you have to use chrome or firefox. Because they are fast and they do not put heavy load on your laptop.

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