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How To Upgrade The Graphics Card In Laptops?

Hello there! We are here to tell you how to upgrade the graphics card in laptops. You will be sad to hear the answer that it is almost not possible to add the graphic card in your laptop. So, if you want to upgrade the graphic card I recommend you to buy the new laptop for gaming. Because, there is no such way to add the graphic card. Laptop’s have integrated graphics. Which means the GPU is attached permanently to the board so it is not removable. If you want a laptop for your daily use use should check this:

In today’s era almost all the CPU contains the GPU system. So in order to upgrade the Graphics you have to change the processor. Which is a very long and hard process. And if you try this to your laptop then you have to forget about your warranty because you definitely have to open your laptop.

If you are looking for an upgrade of graphics for your laptop. Then i recommend you to choose the PC platform for gaming or choose the laptop that is especially built for gaming. Because upgrading your laptop graphics is risky and almost not possible nowadays.

Add Graphic card – How To Upgrade The Graphics Card In Laptops:

Still there is an alternative way to add the graphics card to your laptop. But, it will not be for gaming purposes. You can plug into a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. That will give you another graphics output. Now you can drive a monitor laptop’s built-in screen too. Also if your laptop has a built-in VGA, HDMI output, USB graphics card means you can attach another screen you will be able to use more than two screens.

Final Words:

At the end I would suggest you that do not upgrade the graphics card. Or if you want to just apply the above simple method. This will not effect your laptop. As if you want it for gaming I recommend you to buy a new gaming laptop or you should choose a PC/Console gaming.

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