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What is a portable monitor?

Portable monitors are one of the best inventions in my case. Now you are wondering what to do with a portable monitor or what is a portable monitor. In this guide we will try our best to explain what a portable monitor is and what else can you do with a portable monitor.

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Portable monitors are the newest type of monitors that are gaining popularity extremely fast. Basically, it is another monitor that can connect with your laptop or any other device as an extra screen. Their price also varies from $100 to $350 depending on the brand and quality. 

This is a great invention for a gamer, streamer, graphic designer etc. We can say that this is a great invention for all of us. First of all, it is designed lightly and compact. They are connected to your laptop or any other device by using a USB cable. Now you can imagine how little amount of energy they use to power up the screen.

Are portable monitors a good idea?

Definitely Yes, Portable monitors are a very good idea. They can be used as a main screen or a secondary screen to show more content on the screen.

What is the average size of a portable screen?

Portable screens come in various sizes, The screen sizes start from 13 inches to 17.5 inches approximately. So the maximum size would be 17.5 inches.

What can you do with a portable monitor?

You can do anything you want to do. Or you can attach the portable monitor with your main monitor and do gaming with a wider view. Also you can do graphic designing by attaching the secondary screen for more space while editing. You can use it in your office to do work with a larger view. You can do multiple things with this little thing.

How to connect your laptop with a portable monitor?

It is very simple and easy. All you need is a USB-C cable. Most of the screen uses USB cables. But some use a mini HDMI port for better display. So connect the USB or HDMI cable according to your portable monitor.

Most of the portable monitors come with this cable. But if you don’t have this cable you can easily buy it online.

After connecting the cable you have to download the monitor drivers and when the drivers installation is done you need to select the second screen or multi screen option.

Now you can use it for multi-purposes like watching movies,editing, gaming etc.

What else can we do with a portable monitor?

The biggest advantage of the portable screen is that it can be fixed into your bag and you can move it wherever you want. 

You can use it in various ways. Whether you are an average office guy worker or a daily gamer. The most common use of portable monitors is to connect multiple screens. Many workers require multiple screens for their work to do multiple tasks to save time. So they find the best solution for this and attach the portable screen to make their life easy.

If you are a family person you can also use a portable screen for your kids to watch cartoons etc. It can also be connected to a mobile phone using an USB cable. So your kids will never get bored.

If you connect your phone with the portable monitor then you can easily play your mobile games into your monitor more easily. And one of the best uses of this screen is that if you are busy with your work and then you can share your screen to the other person to read the documents, watch movies without disturbing you.


Actually, It is one of my best gadgets to use. You can use it wherever you can whether you are in your office or you want to play games or you want it to watch movies it is compatible for all the uses. So, After all the guide I think it is the best device you can get.

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